WEST BIKING 400 lumen Multifunction Bike Light With Phone Holder Bicycle Highlight 2000/4000mAh Power Bank Cycling Flashlight


Color: 4000mAh red set
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Material: ABS engineering plastic PS silicone

Size: About 12 X 5.3 X 3.8 cm

Support mobile phone range: 4 inches - 6.5 inches

Color: Black Blue Red Orange

Double T6 5W bulb

Lumen: 400 lumens

Speaker decibel: 130

Speaker wire switch

Fixing method: 30 degree rotation adjustable, tightenable bracket

Lighting mode: Strong light - Weak light - fast flash

Battery capacity: 2000/4000 mAh polymer lithium battery

Charging time: 3/5 hours

Output current 1A  (Can charge ordinary mobile phones for once time)

Life Time

2000 mAh: 5 hours of intense light, 10 hours of low light, 10 hours of fast light

4000 mAh: 8 hours of intense light, 16 hours of low light, 16 hours of fast light


2 T6 * 5W Lamp Beads

30 - degree adjustable tightening bracket

Support range for mobile phone: 4 - 6.3 inches

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