Yasmeen Skincare Co. Rechargeable Electric Facial Cleansing Brush - Deep Cleaning, Exfoliating and Massaging (Waterproof)


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Details: TIME FOR AN UPGRADE! The majority of Face Cleansing brushes are made out of an abrasive nylon material. Not only is nylon harsh on the skin, but it is also very prone to bacteria buildup. Over time you can notice the buildup of grime and the discoloration on the brush. This calls for the need to replace brush heads or the entire device entirely. With The Shaking Genius, you never have to worry about any of these issues! With consistent usage, you are guaranteed to attain HEALTHIER, CLEARER, SOFTER and GLOWING skin! ATTAIN NOTICEABLE RESULTS after just a few uses without irritating or over drying your skin. The food grade silicone bristles are gentle yet strong enough to trap, grip and remove acne causing bacteria and dead skin cells. With consistent usage, you will notice fresh skin with a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and acne! NOT YOUR AVERAGE CLEANSING BRUSH the gentle micro-firming vibrations help massage ANY product into your skin. Just flip it to the other side to massage your favorite serums, cleansers and moisturizers into your skin. Get the most out of your favorite skincare products on a much deeper level. See an instant difference after a single use! EXCEPTIONAL VALUE - No need to replace batteries or brush heads - EVER! This device is waterproof and rechargeable. Use it over and over again! A SIMPLE TWO MINUTE TWICE DAILY ROUTINE with customized settings will gain you lasting healthy, glowing, clear and soft skin.


  • ✔️RECHARGEABLE AND WATERPROOF- This facial cleansing brush is rechargeable, adjustable and IPX7 waterproof! No more changing brush heads and trapping dirt in bristles! Simply push the middle button to activate, apply your favorite cleanser to the device and adjust to the pulsating speed you desire! This facial brush is all you need to cover all the basics for your skincare goals. Use it in the sink or shower!
  • ✔️2-in-1 FACIAL CLEANSING & MASSAGE- Experience the best of both worlds with your new BFF! This facial cleansing brush exfoliates dirt, makeup and any other impurities off your skin while delivering a spa quality massage! Pick your pulse with 3 different speeds. The lowest speed mildly cleanses and intensely massages, the highest giving you the ultimate cleanse with high stimulation and the middle, offering that sweet in between!
  • ✔️ANTI AGING- Finally, a sonic facial cleansing brush that delivers results that only get better after every use! Make the commitment to giving your face a daily gentle exfoliating massage. This facial brush boosts circulation while removing dirt, dead skin and impurities. Incorporating this in your routine boosts collagen production! This device delivers all the essentials you need to reduce fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with cleaner, firmer, smoother and glowing skin!
  • ✔️SAFE TO USE- This sonic facial cleansing brush is made out of food grade silicone, a highly abundant natural resource that is often overlooked. This material is odorless, latex, lead and phthalates free! It is also non-porous, which keeps dirt from penetrating. No more changing out gross brush heads that trap dirt between bristles. The micro fingers on this device are just long enough to penetrate pores. Simply rinse when finished.
  • ✔️CONFIDENCE IN A (GIFT) BOX- Simply put, this facial brush makes a flawless gift to someone special, and that includes you! Giving the gift of lasting confidence is priceless and always welcomed! We are so confident that you or your loved one will be pleased with our facial cleansing brush, that if for some reason you are not, we will buy it back from you no questions asked! Oh, and the packaging is stunning too, making it super ideal for gift wrapping! Christmas gifts anyone?

Brand: Yasmeen Skincare Co.

Color: Nude Pink

EAN: 0860002608501

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 4.8 x 2.7 inches

Part Number: Yasmeen Skincare Co.

model number: QT- Facial Cleansing Brush

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