REDTOP Flycatchers Compact Size (2) Twin Value Pack (4 Traps Included) - 100% Non-Toxic Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap - Designed to Attract Egg-Laying Females


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Details: REDTOP Flycatchers is intended for outdoor use only. With over 80 million sold in 32 countries, this often copied fly trap device is a necessity to rid your home and property of flies. The easy to read and simple instructions will show you how to get your trap set up and see results within a few short days. Just remove the REDTOP lid, straighten out the mesh cone, add the bait and some water and hang it outside your home. Flies breed outdoors and NOT in the home, the REDTOP is designed to draw flies away from- rather than into - the home. 85% of flies caught in this trap are egg-laying females. By controlling the females, the entire fly population is brought under control. Each trap can hold close to 10,000 flies. It is highly effective, non-toxic, ozone safe, hygienic, and very easy to use.


  • Value Pack (4 Traps and Bait Included) of the Compact Size Redtop Fly Trap for More Widespread Effectiveness
  • Rid Your Home and Property of Flies by Targeting the Egg-Laying Females
  • Easy to Use. Just Take Off Red Top, Add Bait, Add Water, and Hang Up
  • 85% of Flies Caught in the REDTOP are Egg-Laying Females. By Controlling the Female, the Entire Fly Population in the area is Under Control.
  • No Insecticides, Simple Instructions, Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly - Proven and Tested Award Winning Fly Control in Operation for Over 18 Years

Brand: Redtop

EAN: 0610563560059

Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 7.0 x 3.6 inches

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