Nooelec NESDR Nano 2 Dual-Band ADS-B Bundle (978MHz UAT & 1090MHz 1090ES) for Stratux, Avare, Foreflight, FlightAware & Other Software. Includes 2 SDRs, 4 Antennas & 5 Adapters.


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Details: This dual-band SDR bundle contains everything you need for a full DIY ADS-B installation. 2 NESDR Nano 2 SDRs are included. These SDRs contain an R820T2 tuner along with an RTL2832U USB interface/demodulator. They have a frequency capability of approximately 25MHz-1700MHz. The NESDR Nano 2 are very small in size, which makes them perfect for portable and embedded applications. Each SDR is lab-calibrated and serialized for easy Stratux software installation. Each comes with a calibration certificate with the calibration value & serial number, along with a pair of adhesive labels which you can apply to the location of your choosing for easy identification. There are 2 sets of antennas included. 1 small-sized, medium-gain meant for ultra-portable and cockpit applications, and 1 medium-sized, high-gain meant for portable and ground applications. Appropriate adapters and RF cables are included to facilitate various installation options. A split-Y cable is also included for those who wish to use a single antenna to feed both SDRs. Note that splitting a signal in this matter involves some loss. Please take this into account when setting up your system. There is a full 1-year parts & labor warranty on all bundle components.


  • Includes 2pc NESDR Nano 2 SDRs. Each SDR is lab-calibrated and EEPROM-programmed for simple Stratux software setup.
  • The small size of the NESDR Nano series of SDRs ensures your embedded application has a footprint as small as possible.
  • Each SDR includes a calibration sticker and adhesive identification labels.
  • 4 ADS-B antennas, 3 RF pigtail cables and 2 RF adapters are included to facilitate a very wide range of installation options for embedded applications.
  • Full 1-year warranty through Nooelec on all bundle components.

Brand: Nooelec

EAN: 0616469145895

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches

Binding: Electronics

Part Number: 100719

model number: 100719

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