Lightspeed Aviation Zulu 3 ANR Headset - Premium Comfort & Maximum Noise Canceling - Bluetooth Technology & Dual Plugs - Made in USA


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Details: Embark on every journey sporting maximum comfort with luxury style. Lightspeed Aviation Zulu 3 noise canceling headphones with microphone constructs to the form of your head and jaw enabling the ideal fit for ultimate comfort. We understand the importance of communication in the flight deck and that is why our wired headset with microphone is equipped with bluetooth connectivity and ANR technology allowing advanced noise reduction while effortlessly pairing your devices. Use advanced features and apps to customize your flight experience. As a company of pilots and flight enthusiasts, we strive to know our customers well and deliver an innovative in-flight experience. Although designed for pilots, our Zulu headphone with microphone will make great student headphones for future pilots in training, music headphones or general airplane headphones for when you are off-duty, or tactical headset. Zulu 3 headsets are made in the USA. This year give a special pilot in your life aviation gifts of a lifetime and introduce them to the universal Zulu 3 ANR Aviation headset!


  • FIVE STAR COMFORT: Embark for every journey sporting maximum comfort. Our over the ear headphones are designed to follow the curve of your head for a comfortable distribution of weight and side pressure. Zulu 3 wired headphones with microphone ear seals are constructed to hug the curve of your jaw for a natural fit while providing a better seal around glasses. Give yourself the luxury head set you deserve.
  • FIVE BY FIVE COMMS: We understand reliable communication is key for safety. Our noise-canceling headset with microphone provides advanced noise reduction through ANR performance, magnesium ear cups, and advanced microphone technologies. Zulu 3 communication headset allows full Bluetooth connectivity and offers an integrated control box with auxiliary input to make pairing your devices easy!
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Invest in your future. Aviation headsets for pilots are essential aviation tools that should be built to last. Our head phones are designed with durability and longevity in mind to endure the harshest flying environments and last long-term. Zulu 3 is made from stainless steel and magnesium for high-quality performance. All of our Zulu 3 headsets are made in America.
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: Pair with our exclusive app to capture incoming and outgoing communication. Zulu 3 bluetooth headset with microphone automatically lowers the volume of any auxiliary device during radio or intercom transmissions. The soft mute feature gently eases music back in for a smooth listening transition. Incorporate the features you desire in your bluetooth headset for your ultimate experience.
  • DESIGNED BY FELLOW PILOTS: As a company of pilots and flight enthusiasts, we strive to know our customers well and deliver an innovative in-flight experience. Our Zulu 3 bluetooth headphones with microphone are constructed by our finest engineers who understand what pilots need. Zulu aviation headsets are designed as pilot headsets for airplanes but can also be used as a tactical headset or military headset.

Brand: Lightspeed

Color: Gray

EAN: 0725264116723

Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 11.4 x 5.2 inches

Binding: Electronics

Part Number: FBA_4064

model number: FBA_4064

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