Handsfree Wrist Retractable Dog Leash Pet Traction Rope Adjustable 3M Terrier Leash Belt Wrist Strap Running Jogging Dog Product


Color: Orange
Size: 3M
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Type: Wrist Retractable Dog Leash

Material: PP, ABS and Nylon

Size: 3M

Bearing weight: within the range of 30kg, the maximum bearing 70kg

Color: Rose/Blue/Yellow/Green/Black/Orange

Suitable for: All Pets Dog

Package Includes: 1 x Wrist Retractable Dog Leash



1.Put on your wrist and free your hands.Convenient and easy for walking.

2.Expansible design, easy to wear on and take off.

3.You can use the traction rope fixing card to stop the traction rope from shrinking and keep the fixed length. When not in use, the front locking buckle can be hung on the fixing card to facilitate the storage of the traction rope.

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