Purederm Foot Peel Spa Mask Set with Sunflower Seed Oil and Lemon Extract (3-Pack), Removes Calluses and Dead Skin in 2 Weeks for Men & Women.


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Details: This product contains AHA and Propylene glycol. Do not use if you are sensitive or allergic to the substance.Do not use You are pregnant or nursing. USE PRODUCT EVERY 1 MONTH. Try to avoid using this treatment on eczema, injured, irritated, or sunburned, sensitive skin and please, stop the use and ask a doctor’s advice if your skin presents any persistent reaction (redness, itching, swollen) during and after use. Treat Your Feet The Way The Deserve, With This Exquisite Peel Off Mask Set Brought To You By Purederm! Do your feet seem tired and unhealthy looking? Have you tried several methods to revive them but ended up being disappointed? Would you opt for a premium quality spa foot peeling mask that won’t cost you a fortune? If so, then keep on reading, because Purederm has just the thing you’re looking for! Benefit from a high-end quality, 3-pair set of foot peeling mask booties for men and women that will help your feet relax and make them softer than ever – in just ten days! Moisturize, Exfoliate, Rejuvenate! Our feet need constant care, due to the fact that we use them every day, we put them into uncomfortable, tight shoes and socks, and rarely let them breathe. Combined with malnutrition, low amounts of water drinking, and a generally stressful way of life, results in our feet feeling stressed, tired, filled with calluses and dead skin cells. But don’t worry, Purederm can now offer you a practical and super effective solution, that takes merely 2 weeks to work! And here’s a list of reasons why our set of booties are the best choice you can make! Fast results, just two weeks of treatment Lemon, Orange, Honey and a slew of other extracts that ensure your feet are exfoliated and moisturized Enjoy your silky-smooth skin after use Super easy to use – just put on the booties and wait for a while Click Add To Cart NOW!

Brand: Purederm

Color: Orange

EAN: 0740690746115

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 5.2 x 1.1 inches

Binding: Health and Beauty

Part Number: Purederm

model number: Purederm

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