FAA VFR Sectional Chart for Los Angeles, SLA (Current Edition)


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Details: For Southern California aviators, the FAA's Los Angeles Sectional Aeronautical Chart is an affordable, info-packed resource for all the relevant, safety-enhancing data they need to maintain situational awareness from takeoff to touchdown. As is characteristic of the FAA's entire lineup of sectional charts, the Los Angeles Sectional contains such need-to-know aeronautical data as airport info (runway lengths, lighting, elevation, services available, surface type, etc.); airspace dimensions; VHF and LF/MF navigational facilities (frequency, ID, and channel); landmarks; cities & towns; elevation/topographic info; ATC entities and associated contact/radio frequencies; bodies of water; obstructions; and much, much more.The Los Angeles Sectional covers much of Southern California, including a sizable chunk of the Pacific Coastline and even a portion of the Baja California peninsula. Uses the standard 1:500,000 (6.86 nm per inch; 2.70 nm per cm) scale characteristic of sectional charts. Updated every six months. An affordable, data-rich publication that should be an integral item in every SoCal pilot's flight bag.


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