Travel Supplies Portable Sub-Bottle

Color: Black
Size: Luxury Model
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1.1 pieces = 8 pieces, including 8 pieces of daily toiletries, fully functional 

2. Partition storage, clean and tidy, easy to use 

3. Small size, easy to carry and not occupy the land 


Color: gray / purple / blue / pink 

Size: 72x65x205mm 

Weight: approximately 350 grams 

Material: PC + ABS + PP 

Basic Type: Mouth cup *2

Standard Type: Mouth cup *2; bottled *2; comb *1; towel *1

Luxury Type: mouthwash cup *2; bottled *2; comb *1; towel *1; toothbrush *1; toothpaste *1


1pcs x Travel Supplies Portable Sub-Bottle

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