3/5/10L Outdoor Camping Water Bag Container

Size: 10L
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3/5 / 10L Outdoor Camping Water Bag Container Portable Foldable Hiking Soft Flask Sports Bottle Water Bag Drinking Storage Pack Bag

Bullet points:

1 、 Non-toxic FDA food safety without BPA, PVC or DEHP. Made of environmentally friendly premium PET PA PE plastics.

2 、 clear, soft, flexible, odorless, tasteless. Most durable and reusable.

3 、 Portable, lightweight and compact water carrier. Folds easily or takes up little space. Keep a few in your backpack when traveling or outdoors.

4 Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Freezer friendly to cool your favorite drinks. Use daily home use, recreational activities, camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, jogging, sports, picnics or emergency survival cases such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes.

The 5 、 is perfect for storing your favorite drinks when traveling on airplanes, journeys or while driving. Great for all your beverage storage needs. It can also be used to store dry goods such as beans or cereals.


Name: portable water bag

Capacity: about 3L, 5L, 10L

Material: The lid is PE plastic and transparent bag, PET + PE + PA is a combination of three-layer material.

Usage: foldable, easy to carry

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